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Visual Artists at Spier Craft Market

We have some gifted artists here at Spier Craft market, who spend time working on their next paintings at tables in the shade between the stalls. Here we talk to... Read More

Meet The Makers at Spier Craft Market - Boniface Chikwinhere

Boniface Chikwinhere creates beautiful sculptures from driftwood. Birds and animals emerge from the natural lines of the weathered wood, as if he is just freeing up a shape that is... Read More

Jewellery, Bags and Accessories at Spier Craft Market

Our jewellery cluster at Spier Craft market has a vibrant local flavour, with a wonderful variety of unique products, plus hand-crafted leather bags, intricate dreamcatchers and decorative hanging pieces... Read More

Best sellers at Spier Craft Market

We’ve had an amazing high season this year, extending from 19th December to about 10th January when many people went back to work. There were a lot of... Read More

Spier Craft Market and Fair Trade

Spier Craft Market, since I took over the management in 2005, has been run as a social enterprise, designed to support and promote entrepreneurs. Recently an independent Fair Trade specialist... Read More

A Visit to Spier Craft Market

The shady avenue adjoining the car park at Spier Wine Estate is full of surprises. A herd of stripey beaded giraffes capers beside the agapanthus plants, a prowling wire leopard... Read More

Spier Craft Market

Visit the Spier Craft Market, which is opening on Saturday 24th September 2016. It will trade Monday to Sunday until the first week in May 2017.  
Products on sale... Read More

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