• Slide of Make it New Exhibition in Cape Town
  • Slide of Cape Town International Jazz Festival - DAC Corporate Lounge
  • Slide of iKons Ceramic Showcase, Decorex Johannesburg
  • Slide of Gabi Gabi Textile Showcase- Decorex Johannesburg
  • Slide of Cape Town International Flower Show

By design

Sue Heathcock Projects is a consultancy specialising in the South African craft and design sectors.

With more than 20 years in the field, the company has a broad spectrum of experience, including exhibition design and installation, retail consultancy and operations, writing and research (articles, reports), small business support and sector advocacy and policy development.

Sue Heathcock Projects has been involved in a number of high profile projects over the years. Included amongst these:

  • Designing, project managing and co-curating the very successful Make it New (Rooms) Exhibition on behalf of the Cape Craft and Design Institute during the World Design Capital programme, Cape Town (2014)
  • Curating, designing and installing a major exhibition of South African craft at the World Expo, Shanghai (2010)
  • Facilitating and co-ordinating South by South Africa: Crafting Cultural Understanding, a two-year cultural exchange with several U.S.-based arts agencies (2005-2006)
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The Craft Market at Spier, Established Artists: George Dokora

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Craft Market at Spier, Established Artists: Bishop Tarambawamwe of Master Wire and Bead Craft

Bishop Tarambawamwe, under the name Master Wire and Bead Craft, makes a line of wire and bead bowls and mirrors that combine the decorative and functional, as well as wire... Read More