• Spier Craft Art Market 2019
  • Spier Craft Art Market 2019
  • Spier Craft Art Market 2019
  • Spier Craft Art Market 2019
  • Spier Craft Art Market 2019

Craft Art Market at Spier

Open 10:00am to 5:30pm Wed- Sun in Nov then  every day through Dec/Jan

The Craft Market at Spier is a colourful, vibrant space, where some of the best artists in their fields create individual pieces that are often more art than craft. From full sized-sculptures and trophy heads to small pocket-sized gifts, there is a locally made piece of Africa to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Each summer season artists, designers and makers are carefully chosen for their individuality and quality. You’ll find gallery level beaded wirework, sculptures from recycled materials, 3D and other paintings, jewellery and accessories, wood-carving, leatherwork, textiles and ceramics, making up an irresistible display that is a pleasure to browse.


Experience the Craft Market at Spier

The village ‘kraal’ circular design consists of eight trading units arranged around an open central space, where several artists work on site each day. Visitors can watch a piece in progress, chat to the artists and find out more about the creative process. They can even book in advance for a variety of ’making’ experiences, where they join an artist for an hour and make their own piece (more info on making experiences here).

Custom-designed and installed by a specialist, the product displays are regularly updated with new products as they are developed and are always beautiful to look at. Browse at your leisure with a wire shopping basket and pay for your collection at one central space. If you get carried away and fall in love with more than your suitcase can hold, shipping can be arranged here, too.


Sustainable social enterprise

The business model is uniquely designed as a sustainable social enterprise, based on a three-way partnership between Spier, Sue Heathcock Projects and the craft artists, makers and designers who take part. Groups of three or more artists share each trading unit and are responsible for the day to day running of their space. This format allows them to take turns to be on site, freeing them up to run their businesses and take advantage of other selling opportunities, too.

We put our model to the test in 2016, with an independent audit by a Fair Trade expert, who confirmed that our Market model is closely aligned with international best practice.


Where and when

The Market is at Spier Wine Farm, on the tree-shaded lawns below the Wine-Tasting Centre and runs each year from the end of September to the beginning of May. Opening hours: 10:00 – 17:30 every day through the holiday season. Days to be confirmed Feb-May Most major credit cards are accepted and shipping can be arranged.

Or view a selection of our curated handmade products on our online shop - https://craftart.africa.

Visit the News blog for the latest on the Craft Market at Spier with profiles of artists and more - https://www.sueheathcockprojects.co.za/news