Craft Sector Development


Sue Heathcock Projects has a broad-based experience in:

  • Identifying relevant issues within the sector
  • Developing purpose-driven policies and strategies
  • Writing of strategic documents and reports
  • Lobbying key stake-holders and role players
  • Building and maintaining sector networks


Past and current development work includes:

  1. 1995 - 2001
    Lobbying at provincial and national level for the establishment of sector specific service centres for the craft industry Craft Action Body
  2. 1995
    Drafting and circulation of first business plan for a sector specific service centre for the craft industry in the Western Cape (with Peter Hinton)Craft Action Body
  3. July 1998 - May 1999
    Conceptualizing and motivating for the creation of an inter-departmental forum for the development of the craft sector in the Western Cape. This forum to be jointly driven by the provincial Departments of Social Services, Cultural Services and Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Tourism, but open to all role players and stakeholders (August 1998 - Feb/March 1999; first meeting August 1999). Later developed into the Craft Sector PartnershipCraft Action Body, Department of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Tourism, Western Cape
  4. 1998
    A Development Strategy for the Craft Industy in the Western Cape Craft Action Body, Department of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Tourism, Western Cape
  5. 1998
    Substantial input into Creative South Africa, first national report on the craft sector Cultural Strategy Group, National Department of Arts & Culture
  6. 2000
    The Craft Industry in the Western Cape, Background and Investment OpportunitiesWesgro
  7. 2001
    Assistance with writing of final business plan for the creation of the Cape Craft & Design Institute
  8. 2005
    Policy and Implementation History & Craft Milestones, Sector Development Strategy Cape Craft & Design Institute, National Department of Trade & Industry
  9. 2012
    Collaboration with CCDI and other industry roleplayers around drawing up a national export development strategy for use by the National Department of Trade & Industry