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The Craft Market at Spier - Unit 2
By: Kit Heathcock   (2018-02-03)

Our second unit of the Craft Market at Spier greets you with a large folder of original artworks to flip through, acrylic paintings on the walls, alongside cheeky metal animals and a menagerie of appealing and tactile driftwood sculptures.

This unit is shared by Boniface Chikwenhere for the driftwood sculptures, Zach Mukwira acrylic paintings and Sam Sithole for a combination of repurposed metal pieces and bead and wirework. Several days a week you’ll find Zach at his table there preparing the canvases for his abstract pieces, which involves a stage of carefully cutting out layered shapes that will make up the final patterns. He’s always happy to chat to visitors about his work and demonstrate his process.

Zach Mukwira preparing a canvas

Zach Mukwira

Zach is having a really good season and seeing return customers from previous years wanting more of his paintings. His work ranges from one of a kind abstract exhibition pieces that are also in demand in Cape Town galleries, to colourful popular scenes on smaller canvases. A great innovation that he’s introduced this year was painting on wooden squares of different sizes, extending his range dramatically. He’s also got a good range of different size paintings, from cards up to quite large pieces, and his new presentation is working really well, packaging prints with a board behind and a covering of cellophane to protect them so they’re easier to transport. Read about his techniques and work - Click Here

Zach Mukwira acrylic paintings

Boniface Chikwenhere

Boniface’s driftwood sculptures have always been popular for the incredible natural animal shapes that he coaxes out of the wood grain of found driftwood pieces. He never over-refines them, leaving some of the grain still appreciable, but the animal instantly recognizable, and his work can be found in various galleries around the Western Cape. His biggest sellers are currently the fish and birds. This year he’s introduced a new range of 2D sculptures that can hang on a wall. He’s also doing some tempting smaller take-home items, which will fit in a visitor’s suitcase easily and are perfect impulse buys. Read an interview with him - Click Here

Boniface Chikwinhere animal driftwood sculptures

Sam Sithole

Sam makes a variety of funky metal animals from scrap metal, striking metal trophy heads from repurposed car metal, plus beaded keyrings, bead and wirework birds and soapstone birds. He was one of our best-sellers last year - View Here. As well as selling here at Spier he sells through various markets, a space at the Watershed and various galleries. Read an interview with him here about his space at the Watershed - Click Here

Sam Sithole metal animal sculptures

Come and see these accomplished artists for yourself at the Craft Market at Spier, on the shady lawns below the wine tasting centre at Spier Wine Estate. Open daily 10am – 5.30pm.