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Spier Market: Beaded wirework, designer lighting, paintings, colour prints, jewellery - Unit 4
By: Kit Heathcock   (2018-02-14)

Most of our units at the Craft Market at Spier are shared by four artists. Sometimes they are grouped by a particular type of work, but at Unit 4 it’s the diverse combination of products and personalities that works so well together and enhances the visual impact. George Dokora’s beaded wirework trophy heads and animals, Kuda Gavi’s visual art in acrylic on board and canvas, Beavan Mutapati’s innovative decorative lamps from repurposed PVC piping and Corinne Erasmus’ eclectic range of paintings, prints, mobiles and jewellery go together well to make a pleasing whole.

Unit 4 - Beadwork animals, pvc lamps, paintings, cards

George Dokora

George’s lifelike beaded wirework animals come in several sizes, from appealing small take-home elephants, zebra, owls and hippos to almost life-size springbok. On the display panels beside the unit are majestic trophy heads, giant colourful lizards and a range of beaded wirework bowls. You’ll often find him making a new wire frame or threading beads onto wire at the market. Read more of his story - Click Here

Unit 4 - George Dokora - Wire and beadwork animals

Beaven Mutapati

New to the market this year are Beavan’s innovative and intricately decorative lamps, made from repurposed PVC piping. He drills each tiny hole by hand in a diverse number of designs and words and each lamp is already wired to plug in. Smaller tea light holders also make great gifts and take-home pieces.

Unit 4 - Beaven Mutapati - Decorative pvc lamps

Kuda Gavi

Kuda paints a variety of subjects with a local flavour, from indigenous wildlife to people and everyday scenes. His larger pieces are displayed in a gallery art file, where you’ll find his detailed artworks created in two layers with abstract patterns painted over in oils, showing animals, their muscles and movement. His smaller pieces in acrylic on board, card or canvas show people at everyday tasks, township scenes and old farm cottages and are selling well this season. Read what he says about his work - Click Here

Unit 4 - Kuda Gavi - paintings - wildlife and everyday scenes

Corinne Erasmus

A trained artist, Corinne is new to the market, experimenting with various ranges which include prints of fine watercolour paintings, handmade wind chimes using repurposed keys as the chiming element, a range of printed cards and delicate succulent images painted on repurposed wooden squares. She works on site two days a week.

Unit 4 - Corinne Erasmus

Come and meet the artists at the Craft Market at Spier Wine Estate, open daily from 10am-5.30pm