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Spier Hotel Staff Enjoy a Making Experience at the Craft Market
By: Sue Heathcock   (2018-04-05)

We recently invited groups of the Spier Hotel front of house staff for a guided tour of the market and a making experience with some of the artists. The reception staff and porters are the first to interact with new visitors to Spier, so we wanted to give them their own experience of the craft market to share with future guests wanting to explore more of Spier’s wide range of things to do.

Spier Craft Market - visitor offering - hotel staff learning from the crafters

The two groups who have visited us so far enjoyed every minute, hearing the stories of the artists and then having a go at making something themselves.

Several people from each group joined visual artist Zak Mukwira, and experimented with creating an image using his layered technique. He challenged them to come up with something original that was their own, and although it was a bit intimidating at first each person came away happy with the painting they’d created.

Spier Craft Market - visitor offering - hotel staff learning painting

Gora Dambuleni led the first group through the bead and wirework process making a wire keyring of their name decorated with beads. He gave the second group a different challenge teaching them to make a gecko from wire, the first item that most wireworkers make when starting out. Nicky Mayoyo guided others through making a beaded bangle, and at least one little girl received a surprise gift from her Mum later that evening!

Spier Craft Market - visitor offering - hotel staff showing off their artworks

Spier hotel staff member creating a wire gekko

The creative process took each individual slightly outside their comfort zone, but was incredibly inspiring. Everyone came away with a huge sense of achievement having created something unique themselves. It proved to be a journey of discovery, some finding that they had a natural affinity for the creative processes and finding it very therapeutic. One of the reception team in particular stayed on long after the session had ended determined to perfect his gecko, and produced a beautiful piece worthy of a true wire artist.

The artists themselves have also enjoyed passing on their skills and knowledge, and are looking forward to leading more of these experiences in the future.

The making experiences will be added as a visitor offering at the Market in the new 2018/2019 season which starts at the end of September, both for small groups of private visitors as well as groups of conference guests.

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