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Spier Craft Market: Jewellery and Accessories - Unit 5
By: Sue Heathcock   (2018-03-01)

Colourful dreamcatchers attract the eye, ribbons blowing in the wind, as we continue our tour of the Craft Market at Spier. While most units are shared by four artists, Unit 5 is home to seven, displaying a varied, multi-colouredl selection of jewellery, accessories, toys and clothing. The arrangement works well, the products being complementary in colour and style and the artists themselves co-operating positively together.

Spier Craft Market: Jewellery and Accessories - Unit 5
Spier Craft Market: Jonathan van der Westhuizen of Buttons of Hope

Jonathan van der Westhuizen of Buttons of Hope makes an eclectic range that includes the colourful dreamcatchers we saw from afar, created using repurposed lace, ribbons, feathers and beads. Other products include decorative hanging hearts of different sizes, made out of buttons, and a range of jewellery, such as his ever-changing and very popular selection of necklaces, as well as a wonderful assortment of bracelets and earrings made from fabric, beads or anything else that catches Jon’s eye!

Spier Craft Market: Mpho Mopai T-Shirts

Mpho Mopai has designed a collection of local T-shirts and caps celebrating contemporary urban African culture. You might find a Gugulethu T-shirt, or a message in a combination of languages mixing Xhosa and English, very different from the regular souvenir T-shirt.

Spier Craft Market: Lebo of Modice Creations

Lebo of Modice Creations is back for her second season applying all that she learned last year into developing a well-balanced range of clothing, mostly children’s and baby items. These include soft bootees and shoes with matching bibs, hair accessories, pretty dresses for little girls and sunhats.


New at the market this year:

Spier Craft Market: Aleck Mhlanga of Leather for Life

Aleck Mhlanga of Leather for Life designs and makes a high-quality range of hand and machine stitched leather items. Very reasonably priced, his products include a selection of different handbags, satchels, briefcases, wallets and purses, while accessories range from belts to plaited leather wristbands.

Spier Craft Market: Lara Kelbe saris

Lara Kelbe repurposes silk saris into a variety of snoods, scarves, bracelets. She has a particular skill in her designs and use of colour and the gorgeousness of the sari silks translate well into original one-off products.

Spier Craft Market: Wendy Herdien of Starchild

Wendy Herdien of Starchild makes a pretty range of costume jewellery which is popular as affordable gifts, with customers often buying ten at a time to take home and share. She also sews a range of shoppers and smaller sling bags made from denim and other fabrics.

Spier Craft Market: Adele Tambara of Busy Hand

Adele Tambara of Busy Hand knits or crochets an appealing range of children’s toys. Peeking out from the shelf you might find a giraffe, or monkey, hippo, zebra, lion or elephant, plus octopus and the ever popular penguin, as well as some cuddly dolls.


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Come and see the latest ranges of these artists’ beautiful hand-made jewellery and accessories at Spier Craft Market, open daily from 10am-5.30pm until the end of April.