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Spier Craft Market: Beaded Wirework and Recycled Art - Unit 6
By: Sue Heathcock   (2018-03-13)

There’s a sparkle of sunlight reflecting from Unit 6, home to several of our beaded wirework artists and recycled materials innovators, the table spilling over with colourful bead flowers and, above it, hanging fish made from aluminium drinks can tabs bobbing in the wind.

Spier Craft Market: Beadwork and Metalwork - Unit 6
Spier Craft Market: Bishop and Hazve Tarabawamwe - Unit 6

Bishop and Hazve Tarambawamwe

Bishop has put together an elegant range of functional lifestyle pieces adapting beaded wirework to the home. His decorative beaded bowls are his top sellers along with his mirrors, and he and his wife Hazwe also make a small range of cheeky ostriches, lizards and other animals, as well as trophy heads.

Spier Craft Market: Morris Chipamgura - Unit 6

Morris Chipamgura

Morris’ range of beaded wirework indigenous flowers are popular take-home pieces for overseas visitors, the agapanthus, arum lilies, proteas and strelitzias being a colourful reminder of South Africa’s beauty. He also has some trophy heads on display and a unique range of peacocks.

Spier Craft Market: Prosper Mabhiza - Unit 6

Prosper Mabhiza

The bright stripes and ice cream colours of Prosper’s beaded wirework animals are a fun, individual take on this traditional craft. There are giraffes, warthogs, elephants and more as well as trophy heads striped in his signature colours of yellow, orange, blue, and green.

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Spier Craft Market: Tendai Mahlengwe - Unit 6

Tendai Mahlengwe

Tendai can turn almost any material into an appealing product. He’s a master of recycled materials turning coloured computer cables into small animals, tin can tabs into bright scaled fish and many more innovative creations.

Spier Craft Market: Andrew Dambuleni - Unit 6

Andrew Dambuleni

Andrew is also a recycled material innovator, using strips of aluminium cans for his animal trophy heads and sculptures as well as bottle tops and even the sisalation from inside air conditioning systems.

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